Fast Track

Advanced Level Training Program

The Fast Track program is designed specifically for serious dancers who wish to pursue a professional dance career, or want to major in dance in college or just want to be the best dancer they can be. The purpose of Fast Track is to broaden technique, style, and stage presence.

All Students Are Welcome

This is a great program to improve your technique. Dancers from other studios are welcome to study this program then return to their home studios.

Studio Information

As we enter our 38th season, the Debby Dillehay Dance Studio holds a solid reputation to determine the best approach for our students. We encourage parental support of the child, their training, and performances. It isn’t about doing solos or winning trophies; it is about motivating dancers to be team players striving for personal and team excellence.

Youth/Teen Program

This fast track program teaches technique in various genres for students who want or need to move at a faster pace. Strengthening technique is a top priority in this program.

What You Can Expect:

  • To enhance your foundation in dance
  • To improve body strength
  • To understand your body and its alignment
  • To become aware of the relationship between your body alignment and proper movement within space
  • To receive disciplined training*

*Discipline is defined as “a field of study or training to fix incorrect behavior or create better skills.” When you have discipline, you have self-control and can achieve control of your body. 

What We Expect:

  • Prior foundation in dance
  • An attitude of respect for teachers and peers
  • A desire to learn and achieve


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