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Performing Company and Competition Team
(performing arts divisions ages 6 and up
Over 35 years of service to the community

As a non-profit educational organization registered with the State of Louisiana, our dance company performs benefit and professional shows throughout Southern Louisiana. Annually we perform for Celebration in the Oaks, Kenner Christmas Village, Boo at the Zoo, Children’s Hospital’s Miracle League, Lafreniere Park, Audubon Park events, various retirement homes and festivals just to name a few. It’s a great opportunity for the serious dancer to get more stage experience than a yearly recital. Dancers auditioning are judged on appearance, learning speed, style, stage presence and technique. Members have received numerous honors in dance competition as well as receiving invitations to perform in the Soviet Union, Poland, China, Australia, Spain, Disney World, cruise shows and the Caribbean Festival of the Arts in San Juan. Members have received dance scholarships, movie parts and jobs with concert companies and theme parks. This is not a marching group, but a performing company. The experience of being a dance troupe member builds you as a person as well as a dancer, learning the value of teamwork, community service, discipline, focus and the overall feeling of making others happy thru performance. If you are interested in auditioning, please call 468-3368 for more information and an audition form.

Includes performing and competition. Each member must take at least two dance classes per week in various subjects including Jazz and Ballet, at our studio. This division is given the opportunity to perform in all shows and competitions, and eligible to participate in local and out of town competition.

2) TROUPE ONLY DIVISION: Includes performances only, no competition. Each member must take at least 2 dance classes per week at our studio including ballet and jazz. This division would only be used in group routines and may not be included in all shows.

Members perform in Christmas shows only and must take ballet and jazz classes.

AGE DIVISIONS:  Senior, Junior, Petite and Mini Company ages 6 and up.

Non-profit educational organization Kenner LA

1. Members must show evidence of style and professionalism in their dancing, attitude, figure control and appearance.

2. Members must be available for rehearsal and shows upon request. The only thing to take priority over dance troupe should be school. When selected for performances, you must treat them as a job. We highly suggest dance troupe be the main activity, especially if you are accepted into the competition team.

3. Members are responsible for purchasing their own leotard basics, pants, uniform, shoes and stockings as required.

4. Members must come prepared to each performance with each costume needed, all costume pieces, extra stockings, hair pins, safety pins, hair spray, makeup, towel, uniform, and water bottle.

5. Members are responsible for taking care of their costumes at each performance. If any company property is lost or damaged, the cost of the item must be reimbursed immediately.

6. Members need a calendar of some type. Upon being notified of a show or rehearsal, it should be posted in your dance calendar. List the time, date, and what you will need.

7. We reserve the right to dismiss any member for any of the following infractions:
a.) Missing more than three rehearsals per season*
b.) missing more than one performance per season*
(NOTE: A $10 donation is charged for each missed day)
c.) Not attending required dance classes on a regular basis.
d.) Member or parent acting in a non-professional manner which can degrade the reputation of the troupe or studio.
f.) Not notifying the director if an emergency should occur to make you late, or not able to participate in any function

8. A deposit of $50.00 is required to participate in the troupe. Members will lose their deposit for any of the above reasons and : a.) missing two or more rehearsals per season; there will be a $10 fee for each missed rehearsal or performance*
b.) missing one or more performances * c.) losing or damaging company property;
d.) quitting before the year is over   e.) not wearing troupe uniform to a performance  f.) not fulfilling commitments to routines   g.) dismissal by the director for any reason.
*We understand that occasionally there are required school events that may interfere. In this case, bring a copy of your school calendar and we will try to work around it. We also understand that there may be occasional illness (bring a doctor’s note if you cannot at least sit thru a rehearsal) or death in the family.

9. UNIFORM: $.00 will cover your dance troupe uniform which includes  jacket and performance shirt to wear to and from ALL performances, conventions, competitions, etc.

10. ANNUAL FEES: There will be a participation fee per season as follows:  $150 full troupe, $75 Troupe only and $50 Christmas only.  Competition costume costs are the responsibility of the parent.  There will also be a $5.00 per month charge for membership added to your tuition.


NON-TROUPE DANCERS AND PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: Dance company work is done on weekends and does not interfere with normal class. ALL students are treated equally here if they put equal effort forward. The dance troupe students do, however, spend lots of time together as well as many hours at the studio. This is their choice by auditioning for the company.



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